Benefits Of Leasing A Car


These days’ people are status conscious and willing to invest more in assets. Car is one of the biggest assets a person desire for. But, for many it is not possible to buy a new luxury car, in that case car leasing deals is a good mode of using a luxury car. By entering into such deal you do not own a car, infact you use it for a specified period time which is given in the agreement.


It is also important to notice that car-leasing deal includes service of car, tyre covers, and maintenance of interior, denting and painting. Not only this, the main concern in signing a deal is that lease payment has to be done by the mileage. It means that contract is signed among the two parties for example: – 15000km is the mileage set in deal and incase the user cross the mileage he or she has to pay 15%for every extra mile. In such cases user can end its deal on 15000km and can enter into another new car leasing deal for a new car to a certain time span


Car leasing deals are of various kinds they are:-

  • Private car leasing deals
  • Business car leasing deals
  • Cheap car leasing deals


It is important to go through lease agreement very carefully before signing the deal. As there are many clauses which need an eye. Mileage clause is necessary to read, i.e. 10,000miles are allowed in 1 year for commercial vehicles and extra miles will cost. One should negotiate on this factor first by keeping in mind to their requirement. Secondly, agreement should mention whether the owner or Lease Company is giving maintenance or not, car services per month or not, in case of scratch and dent what will be the charge. Every minute detail is given in car leasing deals.